Series: New Poetry
Stanislava Mogileva
A Book of Poems

2021. 125 x 200 mm. Hardcover. 144 p.

ISBN 978-5-4448-1705-6

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Annotation: The halting yet somehow impetuous speech in Stanislava Mogileva’s new book of poetry is stitched togethe and syncopated with the voices of others. These are not only the voices of characters ("Nastya says", "the seraphim speaks"), but also the expression of queries on social networks, of snippets from chat threads, of linguistic and poetic clichés, and so on. And in this vortex, human speech – perforated by alienation and the experience of violence – searches for an interior anchor. It searches for a place to which feeble life can tie itself and the authentic can be felt. Stanislava Mogileva is a poet, curator, co-editor of the F-Writing platform at Syg.ma. Her works have been published in NLO, Vozdukh and [Translit] magazines as well as in online journals including TextOnly, Dvoetochie, and Articulation. Mogileva has previously authored two collections of poetry: Reverse Order (Obratny poryadok) in 2016 and This is Happening to Someone Else (Eto proiskhodit s kem-to drugim) in 2018. Mogileva’s poems have been translated into English, Swedish and Polish. Mogileva was born in Norilsk and currently lives in St. Petersburg.

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