Publishing house

Established: 1992

Editor in Chief: Irina Prokhorova

Created in 1992 by philologist and cultural historian Irina Prokhorova, New Literary Observer (NLO) is a leading Russian publishing house in the field og humanities studies.
The core of intellectual activity at NLO is centered around three academic journals: "New Literary Observer", which pursues the development of new directions in the humanities (and serving as the namesake) of the entire publishing house); "NZ: Debates on Politics and Culture", which is dedicated to analysis of modern trends in the social sciences; and "Fashion Theory", which has become the first periodical in Russia to examine fashion as a cultural phenomenon.
The new ideas and approaches formulated in these three journals set the tone for the book-publishing strategy at NLO. Every year the publishing house releases more than 100 books across a broad spectrum of interests, from philosophy, history, cultural studies, anthropology, philology, and art history, to contemporary prose and poetry, memoirs, correspondence, and intellectual essays.
NLO Publishing House holds four international scientific conferences annually: Major Bathhouse Reading, Minor Bathhouse Reading, "Fashion Theory", and the "Russian Humanities Forum" (organized in partnership with the European University at St.Petersburg). NLO is also actively engaged in other cultural and educational activities, including lecture series, presentations, and public discussions in partner forums.
Over the years, New Literary Observer has become an integral part of the global scientific, intellectual and cultural landscape. The publishing house's periodicals and books have been included on lists of required reading for humanities students not only in Russian higher education institutions, but in universities in the United States, Canada, Germany, Finland, and other countries as well. 

Awards and Recognition
NLO Publishing House has received many honors for its work. In 2003, the journal "New Literary Observer" was presented by the Russian Federation with the award for "Best Educational Project". Further, books published by NLO on numerous occasions have won prestigious contests and prizes, including the "Enlightener Prize", "Moscow Book", "Book of the Year", "Silver Letter", "Andrey Bely Prize", and others.