Малое стихотворное собрание. Том 6
Dmitry Prigov
Small Collection of Poetry: Volume 6

2020. 125 x 200 mm. Hardcover. 160 p.

ISBN 978-5-4448-1287-7

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Annotation: The late Dimitry Alexandrovich Prigov is one of the founders of the Moscow school of conceptual art that viewed performance as a form of art. Prigov was a poet, prose writer, and artist, and he authored thousands of poems that are today considered “non-canonical classics.” Prigov's poetic gift - unique, generous, and indomitable - is presented in this collection. The letters P.R.I.G.O.V. are viewed as the key to the themes and motifs of his poetry, including hell and paradise, as well as guilt and sincerity. The sixth and final volume of this collection includes poems related to POWER (vlast’), WAR (voina), SUBLIME (vysokoe), QUESTIONS (voprosy), and WINE (vino). The “poemo-scripts” (stikhogrammy) included in this publication also make up another motif—the VISUAL (vizual’noe).

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