City In Detail

2018. 140 x 215 mm. Hardcover. 352 p.

ISBN 978-5-4448-0737-8

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Annotation: The book is dedicated to the modern city and is inspired by it. Under one cover the reader will find a rich mosaic of approaches and stories, the attempt to capture the changing nature, magnitude and ambiguity of city life. All this variety is connected by microurbanism, an approach that offers a ‘close look’ at the city, an opportunity to see it through its intricacies and details. They help to open up the varied day-to-day life of a city, and its main characters come to the forefront — the people inhabiting it, who create the city and its important locations and routes through their actions, feelings, moods. Besides the typical, while well-known city dwellers — public transport passengers, wedding party guests and the ubiquitous tourists — the book shows the reader some new inhabitants of the city: graffiti artists, salesmen and buyers at flea markets, and many others. The authors tried to go beyond the traditional constrictions of ‘urban discourse’, and to avoid the domination of global approaches, and it seems they have succeeded. The book is compiled from ‘juicy and light’ articles, which doesn’t stop it from being a deep and informative research project.