Крутикова Ирина

Irina Krutikova is a fashion designer, stylist and artist. She is a pioneer figure in the fur coat industry. Her use of unexpected color combinations, exquisite shapes, lines, elegance and comfort makes her work work absolutely unique and world class.
Over the last few decades Irina has been titled as the “queen of fur”.

At the age of 24 Irina completed her graduation at the institute of fine and applied arts at Berlin, Germany with highest merits specializing in fashion For years now her collections are being displayed at fairs and fashion festivals across countries like Frankfurt, New York, Washington, Montreal, Lugano, Zurich, Alma- Ata, Dallas, Paris, London and many more. In the year 1967 Krutikova received a highly prestigious medal for her collection at the international festival events held at Moscow In 1992 she was felicitated with State Prize of Russia in the field of literature and art.

 At Frankfurt she received a Grand Prize “Swakara” for her outstanding contribution to the fashion world in the year 1996 In 2002 she decided to organize an annual competition of fashion designers (fashion assembly; Courtier of the year) among graduates and students of universities, colleges and high school.