Скидан Александр

Alexandr Skidan (b. 1965). Poet, critic, essayist, translator. Skidan attended Leningrad Free University (1989–1992), while working as a stoker in the boiler house (1985–2002). His poetry collections include Delirium (1993), In the Re-Reading (1998), Red Shifting (2005), Dissolution (2010) and most recently Membra disjecta (2015). He is also an author of four books of essays, Critical Mass (1995), The Resistance to/of Poetry (2001), Sum of Poetics (2013) and Theses Toward Politicization of Art and Other Texts (2014). He has translated into Russiаn contemporary American poetry and fiction, as well as theoretical works by Paul de Man, J. Hillis Miller, Jean-Luc Nancy, Paolo Virno, Gerald Raunig. Winner of Andrey Bely Prize in poetry (2006), Joseph Brodsky Fellowship Fund fellow (2018). His poetry has been translated into many languages and published in different anthologies. In 2008 his book Red Shifting was published in USA by Ugly Duckling Presse. Member of Chto Delat’? working group. Co-editor of the New Literary Observer magazine. He lives in Saint-Petersburg.