Появление героя
Andrey Zorin
Uprise of a Hero

2024. 140 x 212 mm. Hardcover. 568 p.

ISBN 978-5-4448-2516-7

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Annotation: The book is dedicated to the history of Russian culture of emotions of the late XVIII – early XIX century, when the monopoly for the “symbolic images of emotions” to be copied and reproduced by an educated Europeanized Russian individual in his inner everyday life. The research focuses on the story of love and death of Andrey Ivanovich Turgenev (1781-1803), the author of the confessionary diary, the talented poet who was a sort of a “pilot project” of a man of the Romanticist era and who could not succeed in bringing his life and his personality in line with the exemplary ideals which he was brought up on. The detailed reconstruction of this mysterious life-story rests upon the author’s understanding of the mechanisms of cultural dependence of individual emotions and methods aimed at analyzing the emotional experience of a certain individual. The book has won the special award at “Prosvetitel” Prize 2016 and was included into the short list of Andrey Bely Prize.

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