The only journal in Russia with an academic approach to fashion, Fashion Theory: The Journal of Dress, Body and Culture is a unique publication which treats fashion as a cultural phenomenon.

Fashion Theory comes divided into three main parts: Dress, Body and Culture. Each section examines current issues in fashion within a broad social context.

The Dress section is devoted to fashion and l'esprit du temps, fashion shows as performance art, the place of vintage and retro in the world of fashion and a new approach to Soviet styles.

Turning to the Body section, readers will find food for thought on topics such as A Slim Body, Parts of the Body in Fashion History, Parts of the Body in Cultural History, and The Body: A Model to Be Assembled.

The Culture section will address issues such as the cultural geography of modern cities, fashion writing in fashion magazines and the birth of legends surrounding celebrities.

Every issue of Fashion Theory contains regular columns on The Life of Special Things, Online Fashion and Field Research, as well as reviews for shows and publications. Regular contributors include many well-known Russian and foreign experts such as Valerie Steele, Elisabeth Wilson, Christopher Breward, Caroline Evans, Raisa Kirsanova, Olga Vainshtein, Julia Demidenko, Oksana Gavrishina.