The New Literary Observer was launched in 1992 as the first post-Soviet journal devoted to literature. Since its inception, the journal has become the leading Russian interdisciplinary publication dedicated to Russian culture in a global context.

The task of NLO is to study and elucidate contemporary culture, as well as to promote Russian cultural theory in the international intellectual community.

The journal includes material of the following nature:

  • articles on the problems, or the history, of the liberal arts and sciences;
  • articles devoted to various aspects of the cultural history of Russia and Western Europe;
  • unique archive documents (literary texts, letters, memoirs);
  • articles, reviews, interviews and essays on issues of contemporary literature;
  • thorough bibliographies of works of fiction and the liberal arts and sciences;
  • chronicles of scientific and creative life.
NLO is a member of Eurozine, the network of European journals, which links up more than 70 editions dedicated to culture.