Gender Studies

Gender studies is one of the most rapidly developing fields of study within the humanities. It offers us a lens through which to see how hidden cultural mechanisms function, and it allows us to view familiar phenomena from the perspective of gender identity and representation. The purpose of the Gender Studies series is to acquaint Russian-speaking audiences with the best scholarship from this interdisciplinary movement: including classical works that previously had not been translated into Russian, as well as the latest research in gender studies. Each book in the series covers a unique topic and showcases flawless methodological practice.

Series editor — Maria Nesterenko

Julia L. Mickenberg

American Girls in Red Russia

Anne Eakin Moss

"Only Among Women"

Per Faxneld

Satanic Feminism

Claire McCallum

The Fate of the New Man

Gender in Nonconformist Soviet Art

Natalie Zemon Davis

Women on the Margins