Contemporary European Writing: Poland, Hungary, Czechia

At the core of this series are breakthrough works in the world of contemporary European literature—books from Poland, Hungary, and Czechia. Contemporary European Literature strives not only to fill a niche that has long been neglected, but also to bring representational balance to traditional conceptions of what European literature is. The authors in this series are all writers of a younger generation who now form the new face of literature: they have received prestigious literary awards, become the subject of numerous critical essays, and taken their place as the focus of new research in literary scholarship. These new authors and their writings offer readers a mosaic of themes and genres, a wealth of stylistic techniques, and a diverse array of conceptual approaches to literary creativity.
Krzysztof Varga

Gulasz z turula

Sylwia Chutnik

Kieszonkowy atlas kobiet

Pawel Hulle

Ostatnia Wieczerza

Нет в продаже
Andrzej Stasiuk

Jadąc do Babadag

Péter Esterházy

Harmonia caelestis

Нет в продаже
Andrzej Szczeklik


Jerzy Pilch

Bezpowrotnie utracona leworęczność

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Ryszard Kapuściński

Podróże z Herodotem

Maczei Malicki

Wszystko jest