Art Studies

The project represents an attempt to find new ways of talking about art in the age of multimedia technology and interdisciplinary studies. Some readers may be surprised that our books on visual arts are not richly illustrated: in this series, however, we attempt to create a visual effect through words, as well as unexpected interpretations and versions of familiar subjects.

Series editor — Galina Yelshevskaya

Ilya Pechenkin...

Ivan Zholtovsky

Alexey Ryabov

Culture / Design

Vladislav Degtyarev

The Baroque as Links and Fissures

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Kira Dolinina

The Art of Cutting and Living

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Alexandar Mihailovic

The Mitki And the Art of Postmodern Protest in Russia

Pavel Golubev

Konstantin Somov

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Olga Medvedkova

Portrait of the Artist as a Jew

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Evgeny Steiner

Ethics for Little Comrades

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Margarete Vöhringer

Avantgarde und Psychotechnik

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