History of Science

The History of Science series will offer readers classic foreign studies, as well as the latest research on the evolution of scientific thought and the institutions involved. Particular attention will be paid to works on the history of the humanities and social disciplines, which have hitherto been ignored by the traditional Russian school of science historiography. The series will focus on multi-disciplinary studies bringing together intellectual history, the sociology of knowledge, the anthropology of science and the history of education.

Series editor — Konstantin Ivanov

Sergey Fokin

A Genius of Dissimulation

Olga Valkova

The Life and Incredible Adventures of Subbotina the Astronomer

Daniel Dennet

Darwin’s Dangerous Idea

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Yves Gingras

Les dérives de l’évaluation de la recherche

Igor Dmitriev

Stubborn Galileo

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Svetlana Ryzhakova

Die Fuchse, die Kommiltonen, die Philister…

How Does One Become a Professor

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Joseph Ben-David

The Scientist’s Role in Society

Kira Ilyina...

Russian Professors