The NLO Library

The NLO Library is the publishing house’s oldest book series and serves as the scholastic counterpart to the New Literary Observer journal. The books in this “black-and-white” series have become a hallmark of NLO publishing. They have contributed to the formation of a new academic canon on syllabi and lists of recommended reading in leading universities not only in Russia but around the world. Gathered in this series are essential studies from the fields of philology, cultural anthropology, history, and sociology. The goal of this project is to explore modern trends in the humanities and contribute to a new interdisciplinary language of humanistic knowledge.

Series editor — Irina Prokhorova

Igor Smirnov

Adaptation / Resistance

Enlighten And Punish

Sergey Zenkin

Imago in fabula

Irina Sandomirskaya

Past discontinuous

Russian Modernism

Irina Paperno

Soviet Epoch in Memoirs, Diaries, Dreams

Vera Milchina

“And the Eternal French…”

A Century of Diaspora