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The latest facts and findings from all areas of social study including sociology, political science, theoretical geography and anthropology. The essays, monographs, memoirs and articles in this series, written by prominent intellectuals from around the world, explore such issues as globalization, the state of modern Western civilization, liberalism in post-industrial society and the work of cultural and educational establishments. This series represents a logical extension of the cultural policy adopted by the NZ journal.

Series Editors —Tatiana Weiser and Arseny Kumankov.

Aleida Assmann

Der lange Schatten der Vergangenheit

Нет в продаже
Aleida Assmann

Das Neue Unbehagen an der Erinnerungskultur

Нет в продаже
Lev Gudkov...

The Post-Soviet Youngsters

Martha Nussbaum

Political Emotions

Igal Halfin

The Autobiography of Bolshevism

Bill Bowring

The Degradation of the International Legal Order?

Jochen Hellbeck

Revolution in the First Person

Olga Velikanova

The Soviet Constitution of 1936

Svetlana Boym

Another Freedom