Letters of A Russian Traveller

“Letters of a Russian Traveller” is an NLO book series that encompasses short novels, travel accounts and sketches and vignettes written to preserve memories of a journey. All of these texts were written by travelling authors who were born in the Soviet Union. Some of them have since emigrated; others now reside in the newly independent states that emerged after the collapse of the USSR, yet on the symbolic level all of them still belong to the same (post-)Soviet space and share the same experience. This experience could not but encouraged – or in most cases, enforced, considering the social and historical context of the country’s political transformation – dramatic identity reconfigurations. Against the backdrop of such experience any journey turns first and furthermost into an exploration of one’s own identity and an exercise in auto-reflexivity. Through encounters with foreign cultures, traditions and realities – be it through unfamiliar sounds of music or exotic tastes and textures of foreign cuisines, – the travelling author seeks to discern his or her own reflection in the Other and to carefully piece together something that is conceived of as one’s own identity.

Series editor — Denis Larionov

Irina Vasilyeva

My Love and Other Beasts of India

Alexandre Ulanov

Someplace Here

Veronika Bode

Doctor Goa

Aleksei Parin

The Chronicles of the Town of Leonsk

Alexander Stessin

Dinner for the Fire

Alexander Stessin

Sankofa (Come back and take)

Aleksey Mikheev

Reading the Letters

Andrey Shary

Petersburg Globe