Critics and Essays

Intellectuals from Russia and beyond meditate on the modern age in this Essays and Critique series. Intellectual meditations take many different forms in this series—critical articles, essays, journals, letters, and so forth. No matter the genre, these books represent the ability of various intellectuals to carry on lively discourses on culture and time. Books in this series pose before readers challenging and unorthodox questions and begin the search for answers.

Series editor — Irina Prokhorova

Alexander Goldfarb

A True Story

Alexander Livergant

Victorian Ladies

Vadim Volobuev

Stanisław Lem

Vladimir Zelinskiy

Talking to My Father

Kirill Kobrin

Towards the Isolation

Alexandre Laskin

White Crows, Black Sheep

Alexandre Zholkovsky

All Their Own

Yakov Gordin

My Army

Mikhail Grobman

Leviathan 2