New Poetry

The New Poetry series showcases work by living poets from different generations, who represent a wide range of trends. All of them are constantly seeking new poetic sounds and solutions, in order better to express their changing views of today’s rapidly changing world. We don’t consider them new classics, as we believe that even in many years’ time, their poetry will remain nonclassical, unexpected and impossible to force into any simplistic historic category.

Series editor — Alexandre Skidan

Stanislava Mogileva


Polina Andrukovich


Valerij Shubinskij

The Dark Night

Нет в продаже
Andrei Tavrov

Compositions in Reverse

Lida Yusupova


Нет в продаже
Darya Sukhovey


Hamdam Zakirov


Andrey Sen-Senkov

God Has Come Down with Astrophilia

Sergey Kruglov